Name Start date Release date Description
Unreleased 2.x unscheduled
Unreleased 2.0.0.Beta Initial release distributed with Eclipse Foundation headers. Makes use of with GeoTools 9.0-M1.
Released 2.0.0.Alpha Last Refractions release providing a bridge for SDK developers. This release offers org.locationtech.udig classes and extension points, while still being distributed under Refractions Research headers. Uses GeoTools 9.0-M1 if available.
Unreleased UDIG 1.4.1 Patch release if required
Released UDIG 1.4.0 Now distributed under BSD/EPL license. New features include GeoScript editor, document support for attachments, hotlinks and actions and Graticule
Released UDIG 1.3.2 Update to Eclipse 3.7.2, area of interest, CQL support and more...
Released UDIG 1.3.1 Contains fixes and a few improvements
Released UDIG 1.3.0 Usability improvements with Tool Palette and Tool Options and Cheatsheet
Released UDIG 1.2.2 Migrate to GeoTools 8.0, improved help see what is new page
Released UDIG 1.2.1 Migrate to GeoTools 2.7
Released UDIG 1.2.0 Stable Release using Eclipse 3.6 and GeoTools 2.6
Released UDIG 1.2.RC3 Release with H2 fix
Released UDIG 1.2.RC2 Volunteer shortlisted bugfixes
Released UDIG 1.2.RC1 Release candidate showcasing uDig on a modern stable version of GeoTools.
Released UDIG 1.2.M9 SDK release focused on testing and QA
Released UDIG 1.2.M8 Patch up problems for Live DVD
Released UDIG 1.2.M7 Release locked down to GeoTools 2.6-M2 to lock down dependencies. This is an exercise to confirm that uDig is releasable in its current form. We have also migrated to jdbc-ng datastores for database support with mixed success. Please help test!
Released UDIG 1.2.M6 Focus of the Code Grind code sprint in Italy
Released UDIG 1.2.M5 Result of week long code sprint focused on QA
Released UDIG 1.2.M4 Upgrade to Eclipse 3.4.2 and imageio-ext-1.0.2