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Change Log

A list of released versions. Click on the row to display issues for that version.

  • UDIG 2.0.0.Alpha

    Luna branch merge

  • UDIG 1.5.0.RC1

    Migrated plugins and namespaces to org.locationtech (was net.refractions), update Dependencies to released versions (GeoTools 11.2, GeoScript 1.3.1, ImageIO-ext 1.1.10), features and bugfixes

  • UDIG 1.4.0

    Now distributed under BSD/EPL license. New features include GeoScript editor, document support for attachments, hotlinks and actions and Graticule

  • UDIG 1.3.2

    Update to Eclipse 3.7.2, area of interest, CQL support and more...

  • UDIG 1.3.1

    Contains fixes and a few improvements

    • No issues
  • UDIG 1.3.0

    Usability improvements with Tool Palette and Tool Options and Cheatsheet

  • UDIG 1.2.2

    Migrate to GeoTools 8.0, improved help see what is new page

  • UDIG 1.2.1

    Migrate to GeoTools 2.7

  • UDIG 1.2.0

    Stable Release using Eclipse 3.6 and GeoTools 2.6

  • UDIG 1.2.RC3

    Release with H2 fix