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Exporting a Shapefile as KML does not work


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    • Affects Version/s: UDIG 1.3.1
    • Fix Version/s: UDIG 1.3.2
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      Windows XP Java 6 Update 29 (build 1.6.0_29-b11)


      I am trying to create a KML file from shapefiles that detail all NOAA forecast zones. The files I am working with are available here:

      Here are the steps that I am following:

      Step 1: I create a new project called "Public Forecast Zones"
      Step 2: Layer -> Add -> Files
      Step 3: Select the .shp file (z_23fe12.shp)
      Step 4: Shapefile regions are now loaded... in the "Table" pane at the bottom I can iterate through all the zones and they are highlighted on the map. I can see all the data (except for the LONG list of coordinates per zone) or search for named zones.
      Step 5: In the projects pane in the top left, I right click on the layer for the shapefile, and click "Export"
      Step 6: I click the "Export feature layer to kml" option and click next
      Step 7: I click the button with 3 periods "..." and supply a filename "test_zones.kml".
      Step 8: I click "Finish". A dialog box comes up that says "Exporting Map" with a scrolling progress bar. The window is shown for approximately 5 seconds (time this dialog box shows for is consistent), and then it closes without any notification.

      After following these steps, no KML files are ever generated. No errors are displayed, nothing confirms or denys that the file was created. I am suspect that something is going wrong, because I doubt the export would happen as quick as the "Exporting" dialog box appears for. The shapefiles I'm working with are about ~60mb, so it should not be a quick 1 second export... I can only assume.

      I have tried selecting an "empty" kml file (just a .txt file with it's extension changed). I have also tried saving a basic KML file from google earth, and having the "Save" operation work on that file... and nothing happens then.

      Attached is the logfile that the Help->Submit Issue... menu selection provided me.

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