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Shapefile Identifier comparison fails catalog lookup



      Matt Willis on udig-devel has turned up a corner case for the ID + Canonical File resolving code added at the start of uDig 1.3.0.

      I have attached Matthew's files to aid in testing:
      Example: "Hasson BW and CM Hasson Wheat 2012.shp"

      Initial investigation shows:

      1) ShpServiceExtension URL cleaning code was unable to produce a valid File reference from this URL.

      The provided patch makes use of URLUtils; and includes a check to ensure the File exists

      2) CatalogImpl.find( ID id, IProgressMonitor monitor ) was unable to correctly match the child GeoResource with the Parent; and thus failed to find the resource when adding the layer to the map.

      This method responsible was URLUTils.urlEquals( URL, URL, boolean ) where the flag is used to perform a relaxed match (allowing us to identify the service matching the child GeoResource).

      The provided patch adds ID.equals( ID, boolean ) as an alternative; it performs both checks and will proceed if either returns true.

      3) Finally this method trips up the canocalization attempt in ID; triggering some system outs that look alarming.

      Summary: It is my intension to retire the use of URL checking and matching in the catalog code as it is driving me crazy.

      1. Hasson BW and CM Hasson Wheat 2012.dbf
        6 kB
        Jody Garnett
      2. Hasson BW and CM Hasson Wheat 2012.prj
        0.1 kB
        Jody Garnett
      3. Hasson BW and CM Hasson Wheat 2012.qix
        0.1 kB
        Jody Garnett
      4. Hasson BW and CM Hasson Wheat 2012.shp
        25 kB
        Jody Garnett
      5. Hasson BW and CM Hasson Wheat 2012.shx
        0.2 kB
        Jody Garnett


        Jody Garnett added a comment -
        Jody Garnett added a comment - Patch supplied as https://github.com/uDig/udig-platform/pull/100


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