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      • I noted that there is still a "What's new in 1.1" page.
        Is there a "What's new in 1.2" page ready for translation?
        I haven't found one today.

      Our release notes contain an "About uDig 1.2 Series" the text of which could be used to start a wiki page.

      About uDig 1.2 Series

      The uDig 1.2 series highlights a lot really great ideas the developer community has been working on. We have migrated to a modern version of the GeoTools library - bringing in five years of new developments in standard support, and a host of new raster and vector formats. An exciting addition is the use of the ImageIO-ext project allowing the use of raster formats supported by GDAL.

      New and capabilities of uDig 1.2 include:

      • ImageIO-EXT rendering enabling additional raster formats and working with images larger then memory
      • Tiled rendering (as an option in preferences) with a new flicker free panning tool.
      • Support for GeoWebCache and TileServer via WMS-C
      • WFS 1.1.0 support
      • Greatly improved ArcSDE support; multithreaded and faster
      • Advanced Symbology including Hatches and True Type Font support

      Reading over the above list - I am still a little unhappy with the multiple pan tools (you need to choose the correct one when using the tiled renderer; thinking we may need to have the pan tool issue a command (which the mapviewer processes in the appropriate fashion?)

      What features did we miss?

      • image moasic import wizard


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