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FileUtils.copyFile() ignores 'overwrite' when 'wrappers' (FilterWrappers[]) is non-empty


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      maven-resource-plugin is copying a resource even if it is unchanged and 'overwrite' is false. See

      I chased the problem down to org.codehaus.plexus.util.FileUtils.copyFile() method. It is this method that is called by the maven-resource-plugin to ultimately copy the resource; the copyFile() method takes an 'overwrite' parameter, which the resource-plugin does pass in (and the default is indeed false), BUT...

      The copyFile() method ignores the 'overwrite' parameter if the list of filter-wrappers passed is non-empty! And if you have filtering set to true for your resources, this list is indeed non-empty.

      I can understand the reasoning behind copyFile() ignoring the 'overwrite': just because the destination file is newer does not mean that new filtered-file will be the same (i.e. the values for the variables in your resource file may have been changed since the last filtering).
      Ignoring the 'overwrite' flag is "convenient" for the FileUtils implementor. But this comes at a great price; a single resource file unnecessarily updated can trigger off time-consuming but redundant processes (i.e. rebuilding a jar-with-dependencies in my case). This may only be a few seconds but can be enough to disrupt the flow of an intensive code-compile-test cycle.


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