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      I rewrote most of the code.

      Now it will minify the css files also and use the existing tags from the html, instead of creating new ones, preserving the script declarations in the head and body. It minimized the html file also, removing comments and spaces. Split points are now created according to the tag's ID attribute.

      The closure javascript minifier searches for function names in strings that shouldn't be replaced (needed the rhino parser for that, which had a hexadecimal parsing bug, that's why I have included it in the code) and adds other externs also for the advanced compilation.

      The CSS minifier changes the relative paths when merged (since relative paths a relative to the file itself, which changes, once merged) and warns for nonexistent paths etc.

      And other minor and major changes.

      The code still needs some generalization and changes:
      Javascript property renaming should be enableable in the advanced phase
      YUI CSS minifier should also be added as an option
      the yui and closure options should be separated and if the same css and javascript files are included in different HTML files, they should be resolved, not compressed in a different file
      the compression shouldn't run if the parent directory's modified date didn't change.



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