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Directory possibility for manifest Class-Path entries


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      Hi. I have a problem with generating of Classpath in manifest related to this bug and discussion.

      I need to use classpath starting with 'lib/' for each dependency in WAR manifest file preffixes (f.e. Class-Path: lib/CSU-DMS-0.1.jar).

      I have had similar problem with EJB, where I have solved it with preGoal:
      <preGoal name="ejb:ejb">
      <j:forEach var="dep" items="$


      <j:if test="$


      <j:set var="maven.ejb.classpath" scope="parent" value="$







      , but for WAR it is not possible (because of cleaning the value to "" in version 1.6.1, jelly.xml, line 37):
      <j:set var="maven.war.classpath" value=""/>.

      Behaviour is in that different from ejb:plugin.

      There can see two ways that can help to solve this issue:
      a) to remove reseting value of maven.war.classpath to "" (to achieve similar behaviour as in f.e. ejb plugin)

      b) to enable Dependency property (like war.manifest.classpath.dir) that would be applied before artifact name in manifest classpath entry (I would set it to <war.manifest.classpath.dir>/lib</war.manifest.classpath.dir> in my POM)


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