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.classpath generated does not consider inter-dependency order and is generally alphabetically ordered


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      Looking at, it generally relies on config.getDepsOrdered() to return the classpath entries in the correct order.
      The Comparator for that ordering is alphabetical.

      This means if I have modules that must come earlier in the list of classpath entries (lets say because we are overriding a classname from another module) then it is just a matter of luck whether this will build based upon the alphabetical order of these two modules. The order should instead consider that if a module has a depdendency on another module it should come first in the classpath.

      I see that IdeDepdendency class is passed a dependencyDepth in constructor but this is not used, perhaps that should be part of the comparator in getDepsOrdered() ?

      I marked this as a blocker, as if you have a project that needs to build, with this issue it won't, and I can't.


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