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    • Affects Version/s: JRuby 1.6
    • Fix Version/s: JRuby 1.7.0.RC1
    • Component/s: IBM/Other VM
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      Running various commands and scripts it appears that they complete however the last line is "Segmentation fault". I can reproduce this by running various gem commands and warbler as well. See below for an example. There are no core dumps created and the commands complete fairly quickly so I haven't been able to pull off a threadump.

      $ gem help commands
      GEM commands are:

      build Build a gem from a gemspec
      cert Manage RubyGems certificates and signing settings
      check Check installed gems
      cleanup Clean up old versions of installed gems in the local
      contents Display the contents of the installed gems
      dependency Show the dependencies of an installed gem
      environment Display information about the RubyGems environment
      fetch Download a gem and place it in the current directory
      generate_index Generates the index files for a gem server directory
      help Provide help on the 'gem' command
      install Install a gem into the local repository
      list Display gems whose name starts with STRING
      lock Generate a lockdown list of gems
      outdated Display all gems that need updates
      owner Manage gem owners on
      pristine Restores installed gems to pristine condition from files
      located in the gem cache
      push Push a gem up to
      query Query gem information in local or remote repositories
      rdoc Generates RDoc for pre-installed gems
      search Display all gems whose name contains STRING
      server Documentation and gem repository HTTP server
      sources Manage the sources and cache file RubyGems uses to search
      for gems
      specification Display gem specification (in yaml)
      stale List gems along with access times
      uninstall Uninstall gems from the local repository
      unpack Unpack an installed gem to the current directory
      update Update the named gems (or all installed gems) in the local
      which Find the location of a library file you can require

      For help on a particular command, use 'gem help COMMAND'.

      Commands may be abbreviated, so long as they are unambiguous.
      e.g. 'gem i rake' is short for 'gem install rake'.
      Segmentation fault


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