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Synchronise Git repositories to GitHub


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      GitHub is awesome for collaboration, so we want to make it easy for people to fork our repositories at Github with minimal effort and maximum collaboration.

      To that end my thought is that we automatically provision mirrors of our Git repositories at Github (canonical repo == Codehaus, clone at Github).

      On post-receive at Codehaus, we push the changes across to GitHub. As long as no one does a force push, we should be ok.

      Creation of the repository mirror at GitHub would be automatic, repositories would be created under the "codehaus" organisation which we have control of.

      Phase 1

      Create repositories

      • internal synchronisation routines

      Phase 2

      Automatic push to Github

      • post-receive hook

      Phase 3

      Users added to teams in Github so they can manage their repositories directly at Github.

      • add Github ID to account @ codehaus
      • sync developers / despots over for management


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