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Display 'current' and 'target' entries left centered in tree view if the text exceeds the width of the text field


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      Text appearing in the 'current' and 'target' columns do frequently exceed the width of the text field, for example in the new Lakeshore driver sct_ls340t.

      Presently all text is center aligned which is the preferred option for text not exceeding the field. However, if the text does exceed the field width, things look really ugly and the data presented gives the impression of being garbled and adds confusion. As the length of the text is determined by the device, it cannot be shortened in a meaningful way prior to display. However, the information that is the most relevant is normally at the beginning of the string, so if it does not fit into the field, the best policy is to show the beginning of the string.


      • if the string fits into the width of the field, keep things as they are
      • if the length of the text exceeds the field width, display the text left-centered.


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