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      Luke brought GRADLE-2045 to my attention and I was able to reproduce the problem using this program:

      class Cat {
        public static findAll(Integer x, Closure cl) {1}   
       def foo(x) {
           x.findAll {}
       use (Cat) {
           println foo(1)
           println foo(null)

      It should actually not matter what method or base class the category uses, important is more that a PojoMetaClassSite will be produced. The code here does this because the receiver in foo is the Pojo integer and since categories are active, the normal way of getting a MetaMethod and using that will not be applied. Instead the fallback action with the long path through the MetaClassImpl will be chosen. PojoMetaClassSite has, as all of those, a check for invalidation which includes meta class changes and a check for the receiver being still of the same class. But the class check requires a non-null receiver, which is not the case anymore at the time that foo is called the second time.


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