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Null-safe dereference operator not available for subscript operator access to properties or array/list elements


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.6, 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.6.3, 2.4.0-beta-4
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      The null-safe deref operator causes compiler errors if it is used with the subscript operator.

      Take the following example:

      def obj = [name:'Marc Palmer', occupation:'Whining user', ]
      println obj?.name

      This is fine. However if you want to use the subscript operator for property access:

      def obj = [name:'Marc Palmer', occupation:'Whining user', ]
      def propName = 'name'
      println obj?[propName]

      You get errors. Of course you can workaround this with:

      def obj = [name:'Marc Palmer', occupation:'Whining user', ]
      def propName = 'name'
      println obj?.getAt[propName]
      println obj?."$propName"

      But this is quite ugly if you are in a situation where you need/want to use subscript, and also if this is done properly then we also get nullsafe deref of arrays, lists and sets, especially if they are nested:

      def myList = null
      println myList?[0]?['name']

      Without this you have to write the equivalent of:

      def myList = null
      println myList?.getAt(0)?.getAt('name')

      Can't Groovy do this for us?


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