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      It would be nice if Griffon could download and include all necessary licenses for the project. This would make it much easier to release Griffon made projects in a license compliant way. Below is the original conversation from the user's mailing list


      On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 1:40 AM, Andres Almiray <> wrote:
      > Right, this is a missing feature at the moment.
      > Starting with Griffon 0.9.1 plugins must now include a LICENSE.txt file or
      > they cannot be released, however the release mechanism does not enforce the
      > inclusion of licenses per each dependency. It is possible however to walk
      > all dependencies using Ivy/Maven compatible options and download the
      > licenses for each matching dep. Problem is not all deps have a license set
      > on their artifact descriptors, and local deps (those provided by a plugin's
      > lib dir) do not contain license metadata.
      > All this being said, I think it's a good idea to file a RFE to keep track of
      > this feature.
      > Cheers,
      > Andres
      > On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 6:04 AM, ss griffon <> wrote:
      >> I've got a couple questions but I will separate them into two emails.
      >> I noticed that when I package my apps with or without the installer
      >> plug-in that the jar files do not have their corresponding licenses.
      >> In grails, this wouldn't be an issue because normally websites are not
      >> 'distributed' to end users. However, for swing apps, this seems like
      >> it would be a must. Has there been any consideration in having a
      >> feature that would automagically package all necessary licenses? Does
      >> this already exist and I overlooked it? If anybody is interested, I
      >> may be able to volunteer a bit of time to work on such a feature. It
      >> seems like a feature like this would mean that all plug-ins would have
      >> to include licenses for each jar they depend on. Sorry if this is too
      >> much of a "wouldn't it be nice" post.
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        Andres Almiray added a comment -

        Partially fixed with

        A new command, license-report, displays all available licenses of runtime dependencies.

        Andres Almiray added a comment - Partially fixed with A new command, license-report , displays all available licenses of runtime dependencies.


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