2. GRECLIPSE-1183

GString auto-completion does not add braces


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.5.2.Release
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    • Component/s: Content Assist, Editor
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      STS 2.7.1, Linux
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      I have code like this:

      class A {
        def b = {
          def x = 1
          println "The value is ."

      If I place the cursor before the "." in the printed string and hit Ctrl+Space, I get "x" as one of the (many) suggestions for completion. If I select "x", that line will now look like this:

      println "The value is x."

      I would expect it to have looked like this:

      println "The value is ${x}."

      It doesn't really make sense to me to print out the name of a variable (or method) selected from the suggested completions. It makes more sense that the completion would add the "$

      {" and "}

      ", so that the value of the variable or method is printed. It might then be useful to keep the cursor inside the closing brace to allow a more complex expression to be entered, but with the option to hit Tab to move the cursor after the closing brace.

      This suggested behaviour is a little different from the unwanted closing brace I reported in GRECLIPSE-1172, as there I typed the opening brace and had the option to automatically close braces turned off, while here I didn't type the opening brace and expect a little "GString expression template" to be inserted by the content assist feature.


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