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paging.banner.first does not have access to valid {1} {2} parameters (same issue with paging.banner.last and {3} and {4})


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      paging.banner.first description says this:
      "What is shown in the pagination bar when the first page is being shown. Placeholders are the same as for paging.banner.full"

      paging.banner.full description says this:
      What is shown in the pagination bar when there are more pages
      and the selected page is not the first or the last one.
      * {0}: numbered pages list
      * {1}: link to the first page
      * {2}: link to the previous page
      * {3}: link to the next page
      * {4}: link to the last page
      * {5}: current page
      * {6}: total number of pages

      However, when the first page is written using the paging.banner.first property, {1} and {2} do not display valid links. Specifically, the page parameter of these links does not have a value. For example, where it should say 'd-16512-p=1' it says 'd-16512-p=' (page number is missing). The behaviour is the same for paging.banner.last and {3} and {4} when you hit the last page.


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            W Fairchild


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