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      noun (m)

      When I passed by a 'broccoflower' in my local supermarket (a cauliflower with green florets) the other day and thought 'what the heck is that?', I started thinking about what the Catalan for various fruit and vegetable hybrids might be. FWIW, a Wikipedia search when I got home suggested a 'broccoflower' is not a broccoli / cauliflower hybrid as I thought when I saw it - that would be the 'brocciflower'

      I found from Termcat that 'tangelo' is the same in Catalan but was wondering about others such as:

      'broccolini' :

      'pluot' : (I also saw a 'plumcot' in the supermarket the other day which is apparently a similar hybrid to the 'pluot' but whilst I've seen the word 'pluot' before, this is the first time I've ever encountered a 'plumcot')

      and the rather bizarre looking

      Not for inclusion in the dictionary, but to show just how silly all this can get is the tongue-twisting 'nectacotum' (apparently a cross between a nectarine, an apricot and a plum).

      Oh, one final question: are 'ugli fruit' available in Catalunya and, if so, what are they called?
      For those who may be interested: (from the Wikipedia article) 'Americans pronounce the name "ugly," but in Jamaica, where it is grown, its name is pronounced /ˈhu.ɡli/.'


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