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Unable to edit form properties in case of a TimerStartEvent


    • Type: Bug Bug
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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 5.10, 5.11
    • Fix Version/s: 5.11
    • Component/s: Designer
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      Eclipse Indigo Service Release 2
      Activiti Designer 5.11.1
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      • process using a timer start event
      • want to start this process manually as well using form properties

      The problem:

      • the engine does not allow to define two start events (one timer start event and an additional non-start-event holding form properties)

      Simple solution so far:

      • define a timer start event and add form properties to this start event.
      • the process engine deploys such processes and works as expected.


          <startEvent id="stimerstartevent1" name="Timer start">
              <activiti:formProperty id="date" name="Production date" type="date" required="true"></activiti:formProperty>
              <timeCycle>0 15 10 * * ?</timeCycle>

      Starting with Activiti Designer 5.10 you have disabled the form property section for Timer Start Events (... disabled for all start events holding some kind of event definition).
      Of course a message start event or a signal start event is something completely different (and I'm allowed to define such a start event additionally to a non start event) - but in case of a timer start I'm missing the former ability to edit the form properties.

      I know that there are workarounds and other ways to start a process. But this kind of definition is very usefull in case you have:

      • a lot of processes working with only simple start parameters. Instead of defining a complete start form for each of these process I can use some kind of automatic rendering and at the same time have my start form properties documented directly within the process.
      • processes of this kind which should run on timer start as well as manually.

      Please find a patch attached.


        Tijs Rademakers added a comment -

        Applied the patch, thanks

        Tijs Rademakers added a comment - Applied the patch, thanks


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            Tijs Rademakers
            Gunnar von der Beck


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